Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wayward Hookah Girl

I've been looking for something positive and creative to post about after the exit of Project Rami-- and lord knows those can be hard to find, these days. However, today while performing a Google search for an art project, I stumbled upon the website of Marguerite Dabaie, a Palestinian-American artist and cartoonist based in Brooklyn who was born and raised in S.F. Check out the work on her page, which includes excerpts from her book, Hookah Girl and Other True Stories (which is available for purchase at what I believe is a very reasonable cost). Her work reminds me of Alison Bechdel and Joe Sacco rolled up in kickass wayward Pali girl attitude, addressing (from what I can tell so far) the idea of being Palestinian, American, and female, from childhood through adulthood, through topics such as the annual Palestine Day festival in SF, grandparents and tradition, identity politics, and the keffiyeh as a designer fashion accessory (which you know I have an opinion about!).

Check out her page! And also check out the links on her Hookah Girl site for more Arab-related political and artists' sites. It's always exciting to hear from another wayward ME girl who's doing something different, making art out of life and identity, and making herself heard. Word!


Sanaz said...

I must be really tired or just perverted or both, but I thought the title said, "Wayward HOOKER Girl". Hehe. Kuddos for all the great articles! Sanaz

al-Nawariyeh said...

Haha! We have love for wayward hooker girls too! :) xoxo